Architectural Shaped Shutters from Kirtz® Shutters

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Customized To Fit Your Space

Shutters can be constructed in a variety of shapes. There isn’t a window shape for which we can’t make a shutter with fully functional louvers. All shutters give you the same privacy and light control as our rectangular shutters. Architectural-shaped shutters are built with the same high-grade wood and finish as rectangular shutters. Each shutter is individually designed and meticulously crafted to the most pleasing proportions for your window shape and size.

Our Motto: Any Shape, Any Wood, Any Finish.

Custom shutters can be constructed in a variety of shapes. Architectural shaped shutters require the attention of our most experienced and skilled craftsmen. Whether you have triangle windows, oval windows, or arch top windows, our artisans welcome the challenge of mastering even the most unique architectural appointments for your windows.


Sunburst Shutters

Perfect for ½ circle specialty windows. Not only does a Kirtz® Sunburst offer pleasing proportions based on your window size, but it also comes equipped to be fully functional. The curved rod on the street side of a Kirtz Sunburst let’s all the louvers move in unison. This detail is unique to the Kirtz Sunburst.


Rake Shutters

An amazing solution for your angle-topped windows (often called triangle windows). Kirtz® rake shutters have functioning louvers in the angle area.


Octagon Shutters

Shown here with horizontal louvers. This shutter provides privacy and light control with operable louvers.


Gothic Arch Shutters

Kirtz® Shutters custom builds these to template specifications, making each shutter unique to the window it is made to fit.


Oval Shutters

The answer to those beautiful, but often unwittingly problematic, oval windows. Each Kirtz® oval shutter, available as a burst or with horizontal louvers (shown here), is built to the template of your window. The multiple radiuses found in every oval make this one of the most complicated and time intensive shapes we build.


Circle Burst

Made for perfectly circular windows, the Kirtz® fan louvers radiate out from a central hub. This shape is fully functional with a continuous curved rod on the backside.


Fancy Café Doors

Taking café doors to the next level, this version is made for those that appreciate details. Taking everything we know about making wood beautiful and also making it functional in this Kirtz® decorative door.


Elongated Elipse Burst

An ellipse top shutter is composed of more than one radius, making a template required for a good fit. This Ellipse is treated with Kirtz® fan (burst) louvers that are each individually operated.


Rake Burst

Angled windows aren’t limited to horizontal louvers if a Kirtz® radius louver arrangement is more in keeping with your personal style.


Quarter Radius Panel

Arched or radius windows can be simply treated with Kirtz® horizontal louvers into the arch area of the window. This can be made functional by using a hidden tilt rod on the high side of the shutter to connect all louvers to move as one.


Quarter burst

For ¼ circle windows, a Kirtz® burst louvered shutter creates a lovely diffusion of light.


Oval Burst

An example of a Kirtz® oval window treated with louvers that radiate from a central hub. Built from a template of the window, each louver is individually operated in this complex shape.

We Also Put Shutters Into Bay Windows.

bay window after

Sliding door with fully functional louvers. One door slides over the other.

Shutter stays on a fixed door; louvers can be opened and closed. Both front-tilt and full-view tilt are available.

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