Exterior Shutters Installation in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas and nationwide upon request

A home with exterior shutters in Oklahoma City, OK

Aesthetically Appealing Exterior Shutters

Kirtz® Shutters manufactures exterior shutters in its facility in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Exterior shutters that stand the test of time are made of Western Red Cedar (or equivalent), or Mahogany. These woods naturally repel water and insects, making them the longest-lasting, most durable choice.

Exterior shutters come in a variety of styles. They are typically fixed to the wall on each side of a window. However, they could be attached in a way that you could fold them over the outside window European style.

The most popular style is the board and batten, essentially 2 or more vertical boards with 2 or more horizontal battens. You can also add a diagonal batten or have decorative grooves cut into one single board to simulate individual boards.

Shutters with the traditional raised panel are labeled colonial style. These exterior shutters are made with a marine-grade panel that is water-resistant. Exterior shutters can also be made with a fixed louvered panel (louver size 1, 7/8, or 3 inches).

You have the option to mix and match board and batten, raised panel, and fixed louver panel to match the outside of your house.

Kirtz® Shutters also carries the Weatherwell product line by TWO USA. These aluminum shutters are designed to enhance outdoor areas such as patios but also to protect from storms.

They are mostly made of aluminum and come in a fixed panel, sliding bi-fold, traditional hinged, sliding, and Bahama style. The louvers (blades) can be positioned and kept in place with their unique Blade Stay (a locking mechanism).