Live-Edge Products from Kirtz® Shutters

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Stunning Live-Edge Products

Add some eye-catching, natural design elements to your home with live-edge products. Each Live-edge product is unique.

The skilled artisans at Kirtz® Shutters in Stillwater, Oklahoma, create live-edge tables, bar tops, mantles, and other live-edge items. Live-edge products are unique because they bring nature’s diversity into your home. Most popular are Oak, Walnut, Pecan, Sycamore, Cypress, and Reclaimed Wood.

We have made tables that incorporate personal items such as coins and jewelry.

If you have the time and patience, we can create an item from a tree growing in your own backyard. If you would like to learn more about making an heirloom from a cherished tree, owner Chris Tietz will guide you through the process.